The purpose of this web page is to encourage support for our civilized and brave law enforcement officers and law abiding citizens who are currently in prison solely due to the criminal actions by uncivilized "Double Trouble Career Criminals" who got themselves killed while breaking the laws in our civilized country.


It is important to note that Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT in prison because Mr. Rittenhouse only shot WHITE career criminals, as shown below, and did NOT shoot any BLACK career criminals.


The information presented below regarding Double Trouble Career Criminals is publicly-available, has been reported by numerous Liberal and Conservative news sources, has been verified to be true and accurate and, therefore, it is impossible to be sued for defamation of character or any other nonsense.
A "Career Criminal", also known as a habitual offender, is described on Wikipedia at Habitual Offender.
A "Double Trouble Career Criminal" is double trouble as described below:
  1. Trouble #1 is the serious threat that career criminals are to the public.

  2. Trouble #2 is the serious threat that career criminals are to law enforcement and civilized law abiding citizens who are (or nearly were) sent to prison for protecting the public from those career criminals who get themselves killed while doing any or all of the following:
    1. Resisting arrest, fighting with police, and speeding away (e.g. Daunte Wright)
    2. Attacking and beating armed citizens protecting their neighborhoods from career criminals (e.g. Ahmaud Arbery)
    3. Sleeping with other career criminals (e.g. Breonna Taylor)
    4. Shooting at police with a weapon taken from police after fighting with police (e.g. Rayshard Brooks)
    5. Dying from a self-inflicted drug overdose while resisting arrest while being detained (e.g. George Floyd)
    6. To Be Continued....
Double Trouble Career Criminals have proven to be a serious burden and threat to our civilized society and an embarrassment to their race, to America, to the world, and to the entire human race.
Without exception, Black Lives Matter (BLM) (the racist group that riots, loots, and burns our cities if America does not cave into BLM demands) honors, worships, and idolizes BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminals.
BLM and other racist organizations and individuals (e.g. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) constantly make incendiary racist claims to incite the ignorant and uninformed to riot and loot and to commit arson and even murder throughout America.

Proof that America is not a racist country is the fact that over 640,000 American lives and millions of limbs were lost to end slavery for blacks 157 years ago on December 18, 1865.
However, after eight (8) black jurors let O.J. Simpson get away with murdering two (2) white people, blacks throughout America literally cheered and celebrated.
Then as many Americans have expressed in disgust, many blacks then privately acknowledged that:

"I know that O.J. did it, but it is better this way."
It is also a fact that an estimated 90% of the Africans captured and then sold as slaves to the New World in the Atlantic slave trade, were enslaved by fellow Africans who sold them to European traders. For proof, refer to documents by historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University and others.
Slavery was obviously the biggest mistake in American history and even though America nearly destroyed itself during the Civil War, racist organizations and individuals have chosen to profit off that by continuing to divide America with their hatred, greed, and desire to seek attention.

Just the mere sight of individuals such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will incite BLM hatred and fear, and that is precisely why both of those individuals appear in court, directly in view of jurors, while sitting next to the mothers who failed to raise their BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminals to be civilized law abiding citizens. See the case about the BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminal Ahmaud Arbery for an example.

Examples of BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminals follow as reported by many Liberal and Conservative news sources.

George Floyd

The BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminal George Floyd died of a self-inflicted drug overdose of fentanyl and methamphetamine while resisting arrest and being detained till EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) arrived.

Probably the most disgusting deception during that trial is the fact that Dr. Martin Tobin DELIBERATELY deceived the jurors in his deceptive testimony in the video at Dr. Martin Tobin Deliberately Deceives Jurors when Tobin claimed that George Floyd was pushing on the tire with this fingers and knuckles to get air into his lungs.
The FACT is, as shown in the complete video at "I CAN Breathe AND Speak!" tagged when George Floyd put his fingers and knuckles against that tire, George Floyd was still on his left side breathing and speaking clearly (e.g. calling for "MAMA") while the officers considered restraining George Floyd using the Hobble.
Note too that "MAMA", who George Floyd was calling out for, was his sex and drug partner of three (3) years and who is identified in his phone as "MAMA" as she testified during the trial in the video at "MAMA".

The forever permanent legacy of the BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminal George Floyd is as follows:

One may ask the question:

"What is more disgusting than to honor a dangerous BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminal who has committed numerous crimes against numerous victims?"
The answer to that question is:
"A proven incompetent and corrupt career politician who literally "honors" such dangerous criminals, merely in an effort to seek favor with BLM and to gain political points."
That is precisely what Ohio Governor Mike DeWine does as documented below:

Note too that as Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine refused to enforce Ohio state laws to protect consumers and children. That is, as documented at Mike DeWine Refuses to Enforce State Laws to Protect Consumers and Children, Mike DeWine failed to "take action" against Worthington Christian Schools (WCS), Grace Brethren Churches (GBC Grace Powell and Grace Polaris), and their attorney Daniel R. Swetnam, who got caught while deliberately putting thousands of students at "big-time liable" "risk" with several repeat child molesters during the school's 10-year Conspiracy of Child Endangerment, Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups committed against thousands of consumers involving millions of dollars.

Mike DeWine refused to fulfil is responsibility to prosecute because DeWine's political pal John Kasich is one of the easily manipulated unfit parents who were deceived and defrauded by that private school that deliberately endangered John Kasich's very own daughters Emma and Reese Kasich. John Kasich and his wife Karen Kasich cowered to those dangerous, evil, and hypocritical career criminals and let them get away with it.
For details including publicly and secretly recorded recordings, please see the web sites and
A summary is provided at Summary of Crimes and Ohio Criminal Justice System Corruption with Individuals Involved.
WARNING! Those administrators at WCS, Grace Powell, and Grace Polaris remain in power today and remain as a serious threat to children and consumers.

The final victim of the BLACK Double Trouble Career Criminal George Floyd was police officer Derek Chauvin.
As shown in the photo to the left below, the vast majority of Americans (including the author) got the totally WRONG first impression by seeing what appeared to be the police officer onchalantly having his hand(s) in his pocket while George Floyd was resisting arrest, while again overdosing on fentanyl and methamphetamine, while breathing and speaking clearly, while calling out for his his sex and drug partner of three (3) years, "MAMA".
However the fact is, as shown in the photos to the right below, the officer was wearing dark colored gloves which blended in with his black uniform pants which led people to incorrectly believe that he had his hand(s) in his pocket. At no point does the video show his left hand in his pocket.

Many spread the false statement on Social Media that:

"If George Floyd were resisting, Chauvin's hands wouldn't have been in his pockets"
And the irresponsible media deceived the public with false statements such as the Analysis by John Blake of CNN who wrote:
"His sunglasses are perched on his head and his hands rest in his pocket."
Some even testified during the trial that:
"...he had his hand in his pocket"
After BLM and the manipulative mainstream media managed to mangle and mutilate the truth and uninformed people failed to do their own research, jurors who did research the matter were concerned for the lives of their families and for the entire community as stated below:

Daunte Wright

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Ahmaud Arbery

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